Image processing

Outsource the outlining of objects in photos and editing of images in Mauritius and benefit from competitive prices, fast delivery times and quality that has been recognised by leading brands.

Quality Commitment

Outstanding online and print quality
(more than 3,000,000 images outline sinced 2006)

Short deadlines commitment

Guaranteed short deadlines
You leave us your photos before 7pm today
We send them back edited by 10 am tomorrow

Image editing

Types of photo editing include:
• Insertion / hiding of objects or settings.
• Resizing.
• Correction of image defects
• Shadow and highlight.
• Cropping.
• Removal of red-eye effect.
• Change of colours / settings
• Correction of skin defects.
• Objects removal or addition.
• Optimisation for printing.
• Body-sculpting
• Photomontage and placement of objects within specific settings.

In partnership with our clients, we specialise in the editing of image types:

Fashion | Beauty | Photomontage | Watches |
Models | Jewelleries | Shoes | Underwears

Outlining of images

Our outlining services – done manually on Photoshop using a pen – are aimed at web agencies, photographers, communication agencies, desktop publishers, webmasters, freelance graphic designers and online store managers who want to save time.

Image outlining consists of removing the background of an image and placing the product or person on a new background (transparent, white or other).

Ghost image for


This technique allows you to create matter when the support media of the photographed item has been removed. For example, when a shirt is photographed on a hanger, we remove the hanger or mannequin and recreate matter in the hanger’s location.

This effect of “filled emptiness” highlights your product with a phantom mannequin, hence the name of ghost. On one hand, this allows to give volume to a garment that is not suited for a flat shot; on the other hand, the user is able to picture the inside of the garment worn. This is a detail that pleases and reassures Internet users as it allows them to have an almost complete view of the garment.


Step 1

Free trial : To get an accurate pricing per photo,
send us a representative sample of your photos

Step 2

Sending of quote +
client’s approval.

Step 3

Sending of photos via ftp server/ yousendit/
wetransfer/ dropbox.

Step 4

Edited photos delivered within 24 to 48 hours depending on the amount.

Step 5

Invoice issued and sent at the end of the month.

Step 6

Payment of your photo-editing invoice by
bank transfer.