Modero, your partner…

Modero, a Mauritius-based company specialised in outsourcing services offers its
know-how to its French and English-speaking clients in:

Online word-processing
(moderation, customer services,
transcription and data entry)

Image processing
(editing and outlining)

Outsourcing in Mauritius

Mauritius is a modern and stable country nowadays recognized as an ideal model of economic competitiveness for offshore outsourcing and outsourcing of services. Its Security, its social model as well as the existing technology, makes it a destination of choice. Mauritius has a modern and competitive educational system. #animation # externalisation #mauritius #moderation #outsourcing

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Favourable time difference
GMT+4, i.e., 2 hours time difference in summer and 3 hours in winter is a strong argument for the implementation of offshore activities in Mauritius

Quality infrastructure
Smart buildings and industrial estates equipped with high-speed internet complement a well-maintained road network and a motorway that connects the airport in the South to the North of the island.

Team of Modero

Nicolas Herbeault

Modero’s Director and Founder
As a former consultant for PricewaterhouseCoopers France,
Nicolas has 15 years of experience in the field of BPO and image editing.

Our Team

At Modero, we firmly believe that our company’s performance relies on the quality of our team. To reach out towards perfection, we’ve set specific criteria that must be met by each of our employees.

  • 100% of our operators are bilingual in French and English
  • Specific training programs for our teams
  • Stringent recruitment process
  • Low turn over (2 à 5%)

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  • Active internal promotion policy
  • Willingness for exchange and dialogue
  • Quick responsiveness to increases in workload


Quality service, affordable price

Modero offers you one of the market’s best value for money by employing
a qualified workforce and making use of the latest technology.

A quality-focused company

  • Quality training validated by testing procedures is provided to all
    of our operators.
  • Highly-skilled, bilingual staff.
  • No more than 10 people per team managed by a team leader, an assistant team and a quality manager.

Constant monitoring

To satisfy your requirements and objectives:

  • Specific tools are used to measure in real-time our quality of service, the performance of our operators and the results achieved.
  • A rigorous quality charter.
  • A code of ethics that is strictly adhered to.